Modular system covers manifold applications

Graf Wastewater Underground Tank Carat S

The Graf brand has stood for innovations in plastic products for 50 years now. Graf presented the Carat S wastewater tank to the public for the first time at the IFAT in Munich 2008. “The wastewater tank is the next logical step in the Carat model range”, reports Graf Managing Director Otto P. Graf. The tank series, which is already successfully introduced for rainwater harvesting, now meet the necessary requirements equipped with a flexibly positioned baffle and CE certification. 

With this product, Graf is now also setting new standards in the wastewater sector with regard to quality and stability of plastic tanks. The Carat is produced using injection moulding – an unique production method worldwide for tanks of this size. This gives the components of the underground tank extraordinary fitting accuracy. Its construction with an encircling H-profile guarantees high stability: The Carat can be installed in groundwater up to the middle of the tank. Additionally, load-bearing capacity of up to 12 tons can be realised when combined with an appropriate tank cover. The tank is available in sizes 2,700, 3,750, 4,800 and 6,500 litres. Sets of two or more underground tanks are offered for larger storage volumes.

Graf has already accessed the export markets with the export version of the underground tank, the Carat S. The Carat S tank is consisting of two stackable half-shells. This unique product design allows to ship up to 8 times more tank volume compared to a conventionally designed tank.

Graf is offering a module system for wastewater around the Carat S, which means that tailor-made solutions can be put together for any application. In addition to the underground tank, the three components of cover, baffle and technical pack can be selected individually. Thus, different systems emerge, from the sealed collection tank, to multi-chamber tanks, up to fully biological treatment systems.