The Great Graf Bake Off

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Have you seen any of our weekly episodes of the inaugural GREAT GRAF BAKE OFF?!

As I write this, we’re fast-approaching the knock-out rounds where we start to say goodbye to one baker in each of the final weeks. 

So far I’ve been so impressed with what our candidates have produced! I genuinely had no idea we had such baking prowess amongst our ranks! The standard has been mind-blowing! 

We have a clear front-runner at present. Having won 3 weeks in a row, Flavia Urso, has been making the most of her natural Italian talent (they are kind of famous when it comes to food!) to win biscuit week, bread week & dairy week! What a star baker! 

Surprisingly, Patrick Thick has been star baker twice, although there have been several shout-outs for stewards’ enquiries as to quite how genuine it is that “he” created them! For the record, I have no doubt that Patrick has made all of his entries himself. One day his colleagues will realise he’s genuinely actually good at lots of things, and as long as selling water butts continues to be one of them, that’s really all we care about!

As we continue to follow the weekly themes of the slightly better known GBBO if you haven’t watched yet, I highly recommend you start to follow the progress of our bakers (our Facebook page is your best bet for viewing). I can confidently say that you’ll be surprised at the talent we have amongst the team. 

And if any of you have been regularly watching and are keen to see who takes the overall title in this our first ever GGBO, we’d love to hear from you and invite you to take part as our guest judge for the final. 

Come along and decide who gets to win! Help us crown our champion and try out the final best-efforts from the final 3 who make it through to the final week!

Email our host CVP ( for your place in our judging panel!