New Nationwide Campaign - #H2O Safe

Global warming is most definitely happening, despite what Donald Trump says, and without the backing of the largest industrial nations like the US and China, it is more important than ever to tackle the effects of climate change here in the UK.

“The climate is changing, and the UK needs to act.” – The Met Office UK Climate Projections, September 2019

The Met Office’s Chief Scientist, Professor Stephen Belcher explains: “Climate change is now widely accepted and there is a rapidly increasing realisation that it will affect every person in the world profoundly - either directly or indirectly.”

The report goes onto add: “Even given strenuous efforts to limit the cause of global warming, further climatic changes are inevitable in the future and the UK will need to manage the growing risks from climate change.”

All the top ten warmest years for the UK have occurred since 2002. A recording of 38.7 °C at Cambridge Botanic Garden on 25th July 2019 became the highest summer temperature officially recorded in the UK.

Winters in the UK have been on average 5% wetter than 1981-2010 and 12% wetter than 1961-1990. Summers in the UK have also been wetter, by 11% and 13% respectively.

Hot summers are expected to become more common. Future climate change is projected to bring about a change in the seasonality of extremes.

Graf UK’s #H2OSAFE Campaign aims to help both businesses and individuals take action to improve resilience in extreme weather conditions by highlighting flood prevention through storm-water management and rainwater harvesting, bringing it into the hearts and minds of every home in the UK.

Our manifesto is simple:

1. Preventing flooding in increasingly extreme weather conditions, through storm-water management

2. Preventing sewage being discharged into water courses

3. Putting our most precious resource to good use through rainwater harvesting

Using 100% recycled materials in the process.

Graf keeps track on rainfall levels, as well as temperature spikes in the UK, together with every aspect of the effects of global warming.

Our team of industry experts is on hand to discuss the latest scientific developments in this global crisis and are ready to provide feedback and commentary for articles related to global warming, rising temperatures, increased precipitation and flooding.

For further information and to book an interview, call: 01608 661500 and ask for Matthew Rolph or Callum Vallence-Poole: or their external agent: Damian Mark Smyth: - 07714 853294