Going Green in 2020

Back in the August 2015 edition of Water Matters, I wrote this article to share the news of Graf Ireland being well & truly open for business.

This was because at the time we had just taken on Cathal Keane as our new Area Sales Manager, based near Galway, Ireland. We had been trading in Ireland for some time previous to this, but as I described it in that article, we'd only had a 'steady jogging start' but were pleased to add Cathal with his 13+ years experience of the construction market in Ireland to take us from that jogging start to a full on run! 

Since then we've been growing very successfully each year and we now have a team of 3 based at our branch in Milltown, Co. Galway, responsible for all of our Irish customers. 

Continuing on from the steady jog that Cathal took over from and built up to a running pace to be proud of, we're now stepping it up another gear to a full on sprint (imagine something similar to Eliud Kipchoge's 1hr 59min marathon pace!). As we move into 2020 we're making some changes to our Graf business in Ireland, in recognition of the success we've built over the past few years. 

Here's a copy of a letter that is currently making it's way to all of our customers based in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, announcing our plans for the newly incorporated Graf Ireland Environmental Ltd.

Yes, it’s time for Graf Ireland to shine as a newly incorporated limited company within the Graf Group of Companies. We’ll still be working closely together and doing whatever we can to help each other, but as of 1st January 2020 Cathal and his team will be starting to build up the new company as quickly as possible. 

As stated in the letter, we’re already looking for two new people to join our team over there in the new year and I’m sure this is only the start of what will be big growth plans for the future. 

I wish Cathal, Ruairi and Paul all the success in the world with this new venture and look forward to sharing news of what’s happening across the water as we enter this new chapter in 2020. 

I’d also like to personally thank all of the customers who have helped us to grow our business in Ireland to make this next step possible. It’s been our pleasure to work with you over these past years. 

As we enter a new decade when we all return to work in January it seems a fitting time to make this change. We’re also working on many plans for upgrades and improvements to Graf UK as we march on into 2020. 

We’re excited about the future for both Graf Ireland & Graf UK and will continue to act in your best interest, our customers, who we aim to impress on a daily basis! We want to do more and more to help you with your water management requirements, as well as doing our bit to supply systems that benefit the wider population by providing stormwater management systems to prevent flooding, preventing wastewater from discharging into watercourses and making the most of a precious resource by rainwater harvesting.