Graf UK sales coordinators talking to their counterparts from Graf Iberica

Graf UK welcomes Graf Iberica!

A quick thanks to our girls for their hospitality and the time taken to look after our visitors from Spain a few weeks ago. Marta, Elia & Saray from our Spanish business Graf Iberica, came over for a couple of days at the beginning of the month to see how we do things and hopefully pick up some tips from our sales office.

Kayleigh, Charlotte, Danielle, Flavia, Louise & Jen did a great job looking after them and made sure their time spent with us was productive and full of useful ideas and training. Our Spanish sister company are in the process of organising a very similar set-up to our sales office so rather than learn all of the stuff we’ve had to learn by trial and error over the past two years, they came over to us to receive the benefit of our experience from all the mistakes we’ve learnt from. Why go through it all yourself if you can learn from people who have already been there, tried it and learnt how to do it well already. It was an absolute pleasure to host them for a short time and we hope that they got plenty out of the trip. We certainly did. It’s so good for us to explain how we do things to other people. It’s only when you talk about it and try to teach it that you realise exactly what you do and why you do it. Explaining to others how things work really makes you think about what you do and how you do it, so we get something from it every time we talk to people about it. In the past six months we’ve had visitors over from Australia, Germany and Spain and every time we learn more about ourselves and our operations just through talking it through with others. It’s a big benefit of being part of a global company where we can all help each other learn from our own experiences. Of course we’re also looking forward to when we stop doing the hosting and start doing the visiting! I’m sure plenty of our team would prefer to be going to Spain or Australia rather than everyone coming to us all the time!!