Change is necessary

We’ve had many changes within our business over the past 2 years. In fact, since March 2014 it’s been a period of pretty consistent change with either new people starting or new products being focused on, or new services being added and new systems and procedures being put into place. And most of the changes have led to good things. Change isn’t always welcome of course but change, in my opinion, is always necessary. 

This year has been slightly different. This year we’ve settled into the same way of doing things. Largely because they’ve worked, so why would you change? But what’s become apparent recently is that when there’s little change and things stay the same, things have a tendency to plateau. They can become stagnant. People can stay in the same place and stop moving forward. Which for any business, is something that must be avoided. 

I’ve also learnt a lot in the past month, or been reminded I should say, about the importance of good communication. Of course this is nothing new. Everyone knows the importance of good communication, especially in business, but that still doesn’t mean it’s always at the front of your mind, especially when things get busy. Like, really busy.

So faced with these two issues at the same time, we made some changes. Hitting both birds with the one stone. Change was necessary to help improve communication and change was the best way to shake things up in the office. As you’ll know if you’ve read previous editions of Water Matters or if you’ve ever been to our office, we’re spread across two offices now at our head office in Banbury. One of the communication challenges was having our sales and logistics separated by a walk between the two offices, so we’ve now changed this. We’ve moved David into our sales office so he sits alongside the sales coordinators and they can work together to ensure proper communication to make sure the necessary stock is always available and the right products go out for the right delivery. We’ve also moved Callum, our marketing apprentice, out to the sales office too so that he can work closer with Kayleigh and be more aware of what’s happening and can help produce case studies and support our sales teams with our marketing activities. We’ve put communication channels in place to help make sure that everyone gets to find out what’s happening, with as little delay as possible. 

As long as it’s for the right reasons and carried out in the right way, change can be the best thing. I really believe it’s necessary to keep everything at its best. I don’t mean changing just for the sake of it. I mean always being aware of how everyone’s feeling and how everyone’s performing, and making sure that your team never gets stuck and loses their edge. If you’re aware of it then you can change things even before it gets to that point. I think every 3-4 months is the minimum in my experience. It’s something I’m going to make sure I remember in future and it’s something I’d suggest to other businesses out there. Change is inevitable, things always change, but by creating the change yourself, you’re the one dictating the outcome and choosing the direction you’re going in.