Local infiltration gaining increasing significance Graf UK

Local infiltration gaining increasing significance

Graf Infiltration Tunnel twin

The public demand for two-dimensional, local rainwater harvesting and management is continually growing due to ever more frequent flood catastrophes. Otto Graf GmbH from Teningen is meeting this demand with its Infiltration Tunnel system. The Infiltration Tunnel modules combine the requirements for an ecologically sound approach to rainwater with the possibility of saving sealing fees.

The Infiltration Tunnel twin offers a storage volume of 600 litres on less than one sqm surface. It is assembled of two modules by using the practical Click Bolt connectors. Thanks to the special design of the modules 12.000 litres of storage volume (40 modules) can be placed on one pallet. This saves considerable transport and storage costs. The Infiltration Tunnel twin can be used for roof and square drainage. The modules can carry up to 3,5 tons per sqm with an earth covering of 50 cm. Thus, the surface beyond the tunnels is vehicle loading which offers versatile possibilities for utilisation. Installing the module is easy, fast and variable.  The tunnel modules are simply stuck together in one line and equipped with 2 end plates per line. The Infiltration Tunnel twin is installed in lines and can be easily adapted to the desired storage capacity.

Infiltration modules in general have three times the storage volume of a conventional gravel ditch. The low requirement for ground excavation means a substantial cost saving. Additionally, the easy installation of the lightweight modules (11kg), high infiltration performance and diverse usage possibilities are outstanding product advantages.

Combining rainwater harvesting with a GRAF infiltration system is ideal. By harvesting rainwater 50 % of drinking water can be replaced with no loss of convenience. With downstream infiltration you not only save expensive drinking water, but also sewage fees.