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With a diameter of 2.5 m and a volume of up to 120 cubic metres, the Carat XXL underground tank is the largest tank supplied by Graf. The supersized tank offers storage capacities previously only available with concrete and steel tank models.

The new Natura 2in1 rainwater storage tank from Graf

From tiles and carpets to furniture, waves are currently a big feature of home design. Graf, the trendsetter in rainwater harvesting, will be presenting the first decorative rainwater storage tank with an attractive wave design at spoga+gafa in Cologne. The Natura 2in1 will be available from retailers in January 2015.

The rainwater specialist Otto Graf is expanding its huge range of decorative rainwater tanks and extraction units. The new multi-functional Stone 2in1 rainwater tank, the Barrica water butt and the Roma and Venezia stone fountains all combine great functionality with an attractive design.

Flexible application and precise integration. A custom-made shaft solution has been added to the Graf EcoBloc Inspect infiltration system in the form of the new Graf Vario 800 shaft system.

Graf EcoSmart is the intelligent system control for a Graf rainwater harvesting installation. The compact unit controls the extraction of water from the rainwater tank in line with demand, as well as the in-house supply to toilets, washing machine, etc.

Otto Graf has further developed its proven SBR wastewater treatment technology. The main advantage of the new one2clean wastewater treatment system is its simple, efficient and low-maintenance technology that significantly reduces operating and maintenance costs.

The new Graf Mains-on-tap is a clever and cost-conscious solution for the automatic intake of mains water in a rainwater harvesting system. In addition to its simple plug-and-play installation, the Mains-on-tap is impressive with its innovative sensor technology and its quick replenishment rate of 12 litres per minute. 

Bring colour, elegance and modernity to your garden with the "Color 2in1" from rainwater harvesting specialist Otto Graf based in Teningen, Germany. This designer tank with its trendy colours and satin gloss surface doesn't have to be hidden away behind the garage.

GRAF, the market leader in rainwater harvesting, is now offering the Platin underground tank with the new self-cleaning Minimax-Pro filter. The successful flat tank is now available with a space-saving filter solution that allows water yields of over 95% for use in the garden and home.

Graf Stormwater Management Systems reduce flood risk and control water before it enters the environment by infiltration or attenuation systems. The new Graf EcoBloc Inspect flex offers infiltration & attenuation systems that are impressively easy to install and with great logistical benefits.

If you like romantic country house gardens, you'll love Woody, the decorative rainwater tank. Disguised as a nostalgic wooden crate, it discreetly enhances your outdoor area and collects precious rainwater.

The Sunda rainwater tank deserves a place on your terrace! Its modern design fits in extremely well with the wicker-look garden furniture which is so popular at present.

Products from the Antique Amphora range don’t just look like Greek amphoras – they also serve the same purpose of their historical cousins. They store precious liquids – between 250 and 600 litres depending on the version – in a space-saving manner.

Until now the process of installing an underground rainwater harvesting system in small to medium-sized gardens has been relatively laborious. Often the garden has been lovingly tendered. Who would want to take an excavator into such a garden and dig a pit?

The public demand for two-dimensional, local rainwater harvesting and management is continually growing due to ever more frequent flood catastrophes. Otto Graf GmbH from Teningen is meeting this demand with its Infiltration Tunnel system.

The company Otto GRAF GmbH from Teningen, founded more than 50 years ago, offers rainwater harvesting systems for individual as well as industrial use, in many different sizes and designs.

The Graf brand has stood for innovations in plastic products for 50 years now. Graf presented the Carat S wastewater tank to the public for the first time at the IFAT in Munich 2008. “The wastewater tank is the next logical step in the Carat model range”, reports Graf Managing Director Otto P. Graf.

When the sun shines down from the sky again with all its strength it makes the sun worshipper happy. Yet without regular watering, no plants can survive a hot summer. Watering your garden from the public drinking water network is an expensive pleasure, which can quickly add a couple of hundred euros to your water bill.